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Vaastu is the science of placement of different objects in such orientations that the whole space is filled with the positive energies and there is prosperity and well being. It is a science which believes that by keeping the things in right place and in right directions, it is possible to ward off the negative energies from your home or workplace or any other space. There are certain principles of Vaastu which are followed in the modern day construction of the spaces since there is  high demand for the ‘Vaastu compliant’ residential, commercial or industrial units. Some of these tips are given as under:


Vaastu Tips for Home

  • Location of kitchen shall be in southeast direction. However, the platform of cooking shall be so placed that you face the east direction.
  • Bathroom shall be in west or southern direction. There shall not be any leakage from taps. 
  • Cactus plants shall not be kept in home. 
  • The area of rooms in northern part shall be larger and their height shall be lower from the rooms  in southern direction. 
  • Keeping a TV set in bedroom is not advisable.
  • A garbage dump or heap of unwanted materials shall not be kept in front of the home and near the main gate.
  • Unpleasant paintings or wall hangings which are distressful in nature shall not be kept on the walls of the home.
  • Guest Room shall be in northwest direction.


Vaastu Tips for Office

  • Keep you valuables in Almira facing north.
  • The owner shall sit in his office facing either east or north.
  • Bore well shall not be dug in south of the premises.
  • Northeast and southwest are two ideal locations for washrooms.
  • Accounts and computer room shall be in southeast and marketing in northwest.
  • Office shall not be built near the temple, hospital or graveyard.
  • Height of building shall be equal from all sides.


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